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How to disable IPv6 on Android ?

Posted on April 22, 2021 @ 6:05 pm

There are instances where you cannot browse the internet if you have IPv6 enabled. To disable IPV6 on Android just follow the tutorial below. In order to disable IPv6, you will need to change the Mobile APN settings on your Android device to use IPv4 only. Open your Android Settings -> Connections / Wireless & networks / Network & internet this one depends on your Phone's firmnware. Open Mobile networks -> Access Point Names. On some devices you may need to tap an "Advanced" menu to show t [Read more...]

How to upgrade your DroidVPN account?

Posted on February 10, 2021 @ 3:43 am

Right now, you can only upgrade/pay for your account using Google Play or Bitcoin. Just follow the steps below to upgrade your account once you are sure that DroidVPN is working on your device. Upgrade using Google Play You can upgrade your account directly on the app using google play. Google Play accepts credit and debit cards and other payment methods like "Mobile phone billing". The accepted payment methods on Google Play depends on your country, click here to see what is available on your country [Read more...]

How does UDP mode 1 works?

Posted on October 7, 2020 @ 10:05 pm

In this article I will explain how UDP mode 1 works and why it sometimes disconnects after downloading an X amount of data. UDP mode 1 was created to bypass a network restriction and is being used by users who want to get free internet. If you are not using it for free internet then there is no point in using this UDP Mode 1. Its better to use a different protocol/mode. If you are using DroidVPN for free internet this means that you have no data plan. And it is a fact that if you have no dat [Read more...]

Will Lucky Patcher work on DroidVPN?

Posted on August 30, 2020 @ 6:57 pm

If you search for free DroidVPN account on google you might see some tutorials saying you can upgrade your account to premium for free using lucky patcher. There are some youtube videos showing you that they have upgraded their accounts successfully. So will lucky patcher really work on DroidVPN? NO. It will not work because the part that checks if you really paid for a premium account or not is in our servers. Lucky patcher cannot bypass that. What lucky patcher does is it modify parts on the APK [Read more...]

What is torrent?

Posted on August 21, 2020 @ 2:48 am

What is torrenting? The term "Torrent" refers to the metadata files related to the files and folders to be downloaded. A Torrent file does not contain the actual content you are downloading, but only the information regarding those files such as their names and sizes. The torrent file usually ends in .torrent. The information contained in that .torrent file is used by the torrent client to download the actual files The act of downloading the actual content of the torrent file is called "torrenting [Read more...]