Will Lucky Patcher work on DroidVPN?

Posted on August 30, 2020 @ 6:57 pm

If you search for free DroidVPN account on google you might see some tutorials saying you can upgrade your account to premium for free using lucky patcher. There are some youtube videos showing you that they have upgraded their accounts successfully.

So will lucky patcher really work on DroidVPN?

NO. It will not work because the part that checks if you really paid for a premium account or not is in our servers. Lucky patcher cannot bypass that.

What lucky patcher does is it modify parts on the APK installed on your device.

Some apps does payment validation like this.

  1. User pays for in-app payment
  2. App checks for the validity of the payment
  3. App gives access to in-app item if payment is valid
If you use Lucky Patcher it will be like this.
  1. Lucky patcher patches the app
  2. User pays for in-app payment without really paying because of lucky patcher
  3. App checks for the validity of the payment
  4. App gives access to in-app item since the app thinks that payment is valid
But verification of payment on DroidVPN is like this
  1. User pays for in-app payment
  2. App checks for the validity of the payment
  3. App sends the payment info to DroidVPN server if payment is valid.
  4. DroidVPN server checks if payment info is valid.
  5. DroidVPN server updates your account if payment is valid
  6. DroidVPN server replies to App if the payment is valid or not
  7. App shows you a message if payment is valid

As you can see there are more additional checks done on DroidVPN than on a regular app. What Lucky patcher does is it modifies the app so that it thinks your payment is valid. But because DroidVPN checks for valid payments on our server, the payment will still fail on our server even if the app thinks it is a valid payment.

That is why you will see this message because the server detected that it is an invalid payment. We still showed a message like that because there could be an instance where a really valid payment gets invalidated so we notify the user to contact us directly.

Now we are getting multiple emails everyday sending us a screenshot of the image above. Complaining that they upgraded their account but the status of their account is still free. A single look at the screenshot and I can already tell that it is not a valid transaction because the format of the transaction ID shown is not valid.

We have already suspended a lot of accounts because they are spamming our email with screenshots like that. You can try Lucky Patcher for yourself and see if it really does not work but please DO NOT send us that screenshot if you do not want your account to get suspended.