UDP Mode 1 is no longer working?

Posted on July 31, 2017 @ 8:39 am

We are receiving numerous emails about UDP Mode 1 not working anymore(eg: Connection is stuck at Authenticating).

The UDP Mode 1 has been developed for users here in the Philippines it just so happens that the trick also works for your country. Your ISP probably saw the irregular UDP bandwidth usage and saw the loophole that we are using for UDP Mode 1 and decided to block it. Like we always say, these tricks/ports wont last forever and can be blocked anytime. Most of the emails we received is asking for us to fix it. So can we fix it? Technically speaking there is nothing to fix here since the protocol/trick is not the problem here but the network which you are using has blocked the loophole that the Mode 1 is using. There is no way to fix that since we have no access to your network to unblock it. You could probably modify the TCount and RCount but even if it works it would probably be too slow for it to be usuable and chances are it is already totally blocked so changing TCount and RCount wont really work. We have no access to your network so we really do not know what will work.

I would really like to help everyone but there is really nothing we can do when things like these happens. Our servers are working totally fine its just that the trick you are using is blocked so there is nothing we can do when that happens. We could probably create a new mode but that could take months to develop and we have no access to your network so we have no idea what tricks will work for you. But if you know any other VPN that still works for your network then we could investigate further and see how we can let you connect DroidVPN. If you know other tricks for other VPN just send us an email and we could help you convert that trick for DroidVPN. We have no access to your network so the only way we can help you is by you helping us. Lets work together so we can make DroidVPN better.