Phone reboots when connecting DroidVPN

Posted on April 4, 2012 @ 12:37 am

Q: Why does my phone reboots/restarts when I open DroidVPN or when I press the start button on DroidVPN.

A: You probably have an incompatible tun.ko on your phone(eg: tun.ko that is not compiled for your phone). We have traced this problem on some faulty ROMs that doesn't properly handle the loading of tun module. When your device tried to load an invalid tun.ko it will force to reboot your device instead of just notifying the user that the tun module is incompatible. This problem actually affects all VPN applications that uses tun.ko including OpenVPN.

Note: This problem normally affects Sony Xperia Phones (ST18i,ST15i).

Solution: Unfortunately we cannot fix this problem on our side since the problem relies on your phone's OS. So the only option you have right now is to flash a different ROM on your phone that properly supports TUN (Recommended is Cyanogenmod) and make sure that the tun module is the right version for your device.

Update: If you are using a Sony Xperia device, there have been reports that Sony already fixed the problem on their latest firmware update so upgrading to the latest available firmware for your phone should probably fixed this problem. (