How to fix the "No open port found!" error in DroidVPN?

Posted on May 19, 2012 @ 3:08 am

The "No open port found!" message means that DroidVPN cannot communicate with our servers using UDP. This problem can be caused by different factors which is detailed below.

  • Your internet connection does not allow UDP packets - The most common reason for this message in corporate settings is that the router is configured to block certain UDP traffic. DroidVPN requires at least a single UDP port to be open in order to provide a successful connection. On most routers you can open the required ports by finding the "Port Forwarding" or "Port Triggering" option. If you have no way to allow UDP packets from your ISP or router you can switch to TCP or ICMP protocol (If Ping is allowed in your current network).

  • You have a very unstable mobile network connection - If your network connection is so unstable the "No open port found!" would also appear. The solution to this is to make sure your mobile connection is receiving a stable and strong signal then continuously try to connect.

  • You have installed a firewall on your android device (eg: DroidWall) - You need to make sure that DroidVPN and UDP packets is not blocked on the firewall you installed on your device. Check your firewall's manual on how to allow DroidVPN to send UDP packets.

If you still cannot connect because UDP is blocked on your network, you can try to connect using ICMP instead of UDP. Just goto settings and switch to ICMP protocol.

FYI: DroidVPN by default tries to use the ports 53,137,9200 or 9201 to send UDP packets so make sure that those ports are open in your router or firewall. If you know a certain port is open on your firewall you can also use that port by entering that port on the settings of DroidVPN.

TIP: You can also visit our Port settings page to see what ports are currently working for your country.

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