Getting disconnected on the new 3.0.x version?

Posted on April 18, 2017 @ 7:01 am

Have you experienced random disconnections when you upgraded to the new version? There are 2 main reasons why you are getting disconnected.

1st reason is your signal is really erratic and weak

2nd reason is because your phone is running out of memory.

Explanation When your device is running low on RAM android will kill activities/services which it thinks is no longer needed and when it kills the DroidVPN service the VPN tunnel will automaticaly stop. So you are probably asking now "but why is it disconnecting on the new version and not on the old version?". Our explanation only applies to devices that are rooted and I am sure most of the users that are experiencing this problems is using a rooted device. On the old version the main DroidVPN engine that makes the VPN tunnel is started as ROOT by default. That means that the vpn engine will run on a separate process outside of the process that starts all apps called Zygote. So if android is starting to kill unneeded apps it won't kill the vpn engine since it is no longer attached to the main process. On the new version it would only start the vpn engine as root if needed (eg: Using ICMP) or if you enabled the "Run as root" setting.

Solution: So the solution is to goto Settings > VPN Connection settings > Enable "Run as root" and if you are not rooted then all you can do is to make sure your Phone has enough memory so it wont kill the DroidVPN process. You can do that by stopping any unneeded apps manually before the Android OS does it for you.

Note: You can verify that you are getting disconnected because of the Low memory when you see a notification that your device is low on memory or if you open the app again and your previous logs are no longer there, that means that the app was restarted.

Try running the engine as root. Goto settings > VPN Connection settings > Run as root. The reason why it is getting disconnected is when Let me know if it fixes the disconnection problems. Best regards,