DroidVPN for PC is here!

Posted on January 30, 2017 @ 7:10 pm

Its been a long time but its finally here. We now have a PC version of DroidVPN. We are still adding more features especially the HTTP protocol but the current version is already functional. If you encounter any problem while using the new version of DroidVPN please send a detailed description of your problem to support@droidvpn.com.

PD-Proxy premium user?

If you do, then You can go now at PD-Proxy website and migrate your PD-Proxy account to DroidVPN. All you need to do is login your PD-Proxy account on our migration page here https://www.pdproxy.com/droidvpn_migration.php. Once your account is migrated you can already use it.

You can download the DroidVPN PC application at our download page here: https://droidvpn.com/download

DroidVPN account holder

If you already have a DroidVPN account. All you need to do is login using your old account and you will be prompted to enter a new username. Once you succesfully updated your account you can already use it on the PC version of DroidVPN. The Android version is still not yet available for download but it will be released very soon...

The new account wont work on the old version of DroidVPN. And your old account will only work on the new version once you succesfully entered a new username for your account.

Premium accounts

Upgrading of accounts is still not available while we are still fixing some issues. But it will be available soon.