Cannot connect because port X is closed?

Posted on June 10, 2013 @ 2:34 pm

We've been receiving emails from users informing us that they can connect from our VPN servers before but now they can no longer connect because port X is closed and they are getting the "No open UDP port found!" error.

Those users are using our VPN service to get Free internet. That is possible because their ISP has a loophole on their network which enables them to use the internet even if they do not have any airtime,load,balance or active internet plan on their mobile phone.

I can no longer connect

The reason that you can no longer connect now is that your ISP has already fixed the loophole or bug on your system. We have no control over that problem because we have no access to your ISP's firewall and accounting system. Our service was built for unblocking websites, for internet security and anonymity it just happens that it can bypass your ISPs accounting which lets you surf the internet for free.


  • We did not change anything on how our VPN connects so do not blame any application updates that we release.
  • A VPN is not a replacement for your ISP. A VPN needs a working internet connection for it to work. So if you do not have an internet plan or you do not have airtime on your phone then it would not work.
  • One proof that our service has no problem at all is you can easily connect to our servers using WiFi connection.
  • And again our service was built for unblocking websites and internet security.
  • If you can get free internet access using our app then good for you but remember that we cannot guarantee that you will always get free internet access because your ISP can update and fix their system anytime.
  • If you still want to use our service then just make sure that you have a working internet connection. Can you open a website before connecting to our servers? If No then its very unlikely that you will be able to connect to our vpn servers.

What can we do?

Just like we've said we cannot open a new port as we have no access to your ISPs network but we can or should I say you can scan for other open ports that you can use. You can use this app to scan for outgoing ports:

TIP: You can also visit our Recommended settings page to see what port settings are currently working for your country.