We are currently updating our website and service

Our website needs a facelift and we are currently working hard day and night to finish it as soon as possible. Right now we have disabled new signups, logins and account upgrades on our website.

We would also like to apologize if we cannot answer your email inquiries right now as we are really swamped with work and would like to finish it all as soon as possible.

Account Updates

When the maintenance/update is finished all accounts will be required to enter a new username before you can use your account on the new version of DroidVPN. As you know we are going to merge PD-Proxy and DroidVPN so its only logical to have DroidVPN use a username just like in PD-Proxy.

Updates on DroidVPN accounts

For DroidVPN account holders all you need to do to is login to your account and you will be prompted to enter your new username.

Updates on PD-Proxy accounts

If you are a PD-Proxy account holder all you need to do to is login on the PD-Proxy website and it will automatically migrate your PD-Proxy account to DroidVPN.

A conflict might occur if you have a PD-Proxy Premium account that uses an email address that is already registered in DroidVPN if thats the case you need to contact us so we can manually migrate your account.

Why not update our account automatically?

Why cant we just update your account automatically? Well the new website encrypts and secures your password differently so you need to enter your password by logging in to our website. We will also require you to enter your own username that is why we cannot automatically just migrate your old account to our new website. But dont worry this process is just fast and wont take a lot of your time all you need is login and enter a new username.